Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Smuggling Gerbils

The transformation has begun. I am turning into a hippie. It all started with my first long skirt. Let me clarify… not my first long skirt ever, just my first long skirt with some flowers on it. I then got my second long skirt that was even more flowery than the first. Now I have my third long skirt (we’re talking down to the ankles long, people) and I also own a pair of feather earrings. I even wore the long skirt while wearing the plumed accessories. And I have learned to knit! I doubt that I will ever truly love the smell of patchouli so maybe that makes me an aspiring hippie or a non-hippie with hippie tendencies.

Life is good up here. The summer has been fun and school starts for Ryan on the 16th. We plan to take a quick beach trip before getting back into the school year routine and I would also like to make a San Jose run. On my next trip to the City I plan to buy a few things: funky yarn (limited choices here on the mountain—basically acrylic yarn or baby acrylic yarn), beads so that I can make more jewelry and of course some refills for my Gillette razor. I may be hippie-fying but I’m not ready to join a drum circle or start smuggling gerbils in my pits just yet.